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Marlena Sloss

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Rudy Ramirez is only happy when he is working hard. His contagious work ethic is reflected in his food truck, Holy Guacamole, serving Central American cuisine. He is fiercely devoted to his family and his service to the Hispanic community.

“Americans are often individualistic in their pursuits, and their profession is about them. Well, [Rudy]’s profession is about helping people. And you’ll find in the Central American community, whether it’s Mexico or Guatemala, that they’re family first. And then it goes friends, and then it goes personal ambitions. You can see that in what [Rudy] brings to the community.”

Stephen Rodriguez

Rudy also transports migrant workers to places with better paying jobs across Ohio and the eastern United States. Rudy believes his work helps not only the workers but also the relationship between them and their employers. His dedication to serving others gives migrants in Ohio a greater chance to succeed.